Natural History Museum


Don’t meddle with a masterpiece, they say...


When the Natural History Museum decided to send Dippy the Diplodocus out of his home in the Hintze Hall after 39 years of creating childhood memories, there was some, understandable, consternation.

Plaster was on hand to ease doubts and point commentators towards the future — a real, 25.2m  blue whale skeleton nicknamed “Hope” —  who was waiting to take her place in the iconic gateway to this British institution.

We knew a delicate and personal touch was needed to tell this story, and arranged three days of one-to-one press tours around the new exhibit to inspire and delight.  We hosted  live podcasts on site and arranged front cover reveals for this exciting new chapter in an iconic venue’s history.

She may have been at the museum for over a century, but Plaster ensured Hope’s symbolic re-positioning made the maximum splash.

We see Plaster as the extra person in the team who has the knowledge and expertise to enhance our promotional messaging.

Robert Wetherall, Head of Venue Hire, Natural History Museum