We drive ticket sales for events — it’s what we are good at.

Would you queue from 3am outside a record shop for gig tickets?  Well, fans of Massive Attack did after our strategy of exclusive local press reveals and attention-grabbing stunt launches for the inaugural Downs Festival.

Tickets were gone within the hour — becoming the fastest selling gig in local history, and cementing our ongoing relationship with this brilliant cultural event.

It’s worth noting it’s not just about that big hit of ticket sales though, there continue to be crucial relationships to build each year – our work continues to ensure green, transport and community messaging hit their intended audiences.

Our intention was to sell 50% of the tickets day one — we sold out in 80 minutes. The PR set-up was perfect across local TV, radio and social. Plaster did a brilliant job!

Conal Dodds, co-founder, Crosstown Concerts